Add-On Services

At Alternative Physical Therapy, we want you to realize that you have choices in your treatment. While standard practices of treatment are desirable to some, we understand that you are an individual, and offer you options regarding the methods that we can use to facilitate your improvement.  Not all insurance will cover the services below, but we will work with you on cash-based pricing.

Shockwave Therapy (Extracorporeal)

Accelerates the body’s natural healing process while breaking up the restrictions in the muscles to improve muscle fiber glide.

Dry Needling

Targets muscular trigger points to relieve tightness and tension, increase blood flow, and relieve pain. Some of the most common symptoms we can improve with this technique are joint and disk issues, carpal tunnel, TMJ, tendonitis, migraine and tension headaches, spinal issues, pelvic pain, and postherpetic neuralgia (a complication of shingles).

Laser Therapy

This effective method of pain management stimulates and accelerates healing and tissue regeneration, and reduces inflammation and muscle fatigue – essentially healing pain without any pain!

Ionic Foot Baths

It is theorized that ionization baths assist the body in clearing impurities. This is generally done through the feet, but can also be done through the hands and wrists. This is difficult to explain scientifically, but the results are visually surprising. The joints often feel lighter and more mobile with each bath. It is suggested to schedule multiple sessions to maximize benefits.

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

A technical device that will provide information to help us monitor and analyze your balance and walking, to adjust your program.

Specialized Services

Alternative Physical Therapy will support you by working with local professionals to collaborate on information and resources to maximize your health benefits.  Some of our Specialized Services are Reflexology, Crystalize Consciousness Technique, Chiropractic, Pilates, Yoga, and Clinical Nutritional Assessment.


Nicole Losie, of Presence Yoga, holds classes at our Toledo facility on Mondays at 6pm, and Fridays at 10am. The website to contact Nicole is

You can schedule sessions with Jenn McCullough from Integration Yoga by contacting her at


We partner with Christy from Knead of Health to provide you with various types of massages. Christy’s website is, and she is located at our Toledo facility by appointment only Tuesday through Friday, and occasional Saturdays.

Post-Medical "Drop-In" Fitness Program

Once screened, give us a call to discuss our availability for you to utilize our machines to speed up your healing when it is convenient for you.

Essential Oils

We offer essential oils for purchase to be used orally, topically on the skin or through a diffuser. 

Infrared Sauna

Elevate your wellness with our infrared sauna blanket. Experience detoxification, stress relief, pain management, improved circulation, skin rejuvenation, weight loss support, and enhanced immunity.

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