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“Physical Therapy like she would expect it to be for her family and friends…”

Our Story

Lisa Kelly, PT, CSCI, C-NDT/A, C-DN, started Alternative Physical Therapy in 2002 to pursue her dream of providing outpatient Physical Therapy in the way her family and friends deserved to be treated. She has created a warm, upscale clinic with private treatment rooms and open well-equipped gym areas.

Lisa has over 25 years of inpatient rehab experience and spent 15 years at Flower Rehabilitation Service specializing in manual alignment and orthopedic and neurological rehab.  She combines expertise, one-on-one care, deep compassion, and the mission to meet each patient where they are starting from, honoring their goals and helping them to ” feel five years younger”. 

Lisa uses her 45 years of Physical Therapy experience in a variety of settings from acute orthopedic and neurorehabilitation to sports medicine and outpatient physical therapy. She specializes in extensive manual soft tissue alignment, joint mobilizations, Zero Balancing (a powerful touch therapy for body and mind), myofascial release, craniosacral, and visceral manipulation with extra training in movement-based therapies, and analysis of alignment. She has been NDT (Neuro-Developmental) trained and certified since her 1995 training at the Rehab Institute of Chicago.

“Physical Therapy like she would expect it to be for her family and friends…” 

Our practice has been recognized as one of the “Best Physical Therapy” in the Toledo area…

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Alternative Physical Therapy “Alternative”?

We use a whole-body approach by evaluating asymmetries and compensation patterns that are contributing to your problem.

We use alignment and manual hands-on techniques along with connecting distortions to help alleviate pain before challenging the body through strength to “ease into” improved health.

Do you offer PT after joint replacement surgery?
Yes, in fact, we provide physical therapy before and after your surgery for recommendations to improve outcomes and to familiarize you with what to expect.
I have tried PT before, but they didn’t pay enough attention to me. Why are you different?
We provide one-on-one treatment at each appointment.  We can help correct your ailment and improve your function step by step.
Will your staff be gentle with me?
Yes, of course!  We pride ourselves on truly “making a difference” in our patient’s lives in a friendly and comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere.  We will not ask you to perform any activity where we don’t think you will be successful. We will adjust your treatment depending on how your body responds.
Do you provide physical therapy for “Long Covid”?
Yes we do.  In fact, because of our whole-body, one-on-one treatment approach, we are ideal to coach you through your various symptoms and help you repair your function step by step.
I’ve tried chiropractic care...How can APT help me?
Alternative Physical Therapy can often help your adjustments hold better, improving your flexibility and strength, and releasing tight muscles, which often pull the body out of position.
Do you provide PT for sports injuries?
Yes, for all ages, especially the baby boomers and Gen X.  
If you are a high-performance athlete, we may refer you to one of our referral partners for fine-tuning after your initial rehab.
Can I learn to live healthier and improve my wellness level at Alternative Physical Therapy?

Our experienced staff of physical therapists address pain, improve body alignment, increase flexibility, strength, and functionality all while teaching our patients progressive strengthening and positional corrections for ongoing personal maintenance and guidance towards your goals.

Do you treat spinal surgery patients?
Yes, we have various methods of rehab post-op, including our aquatic physical therapy that takes place in a warm pool for those who would benefit from gentle water exercises.
I heard PT takes up a lot of time. How often would I need to come to get better?
It all depends on your needs, determined through your first evaluation meeting with our Physical Therapist.
Some patients need two or three treatments per week initially, then wean down to once every one to two weeks as they feel better and become more independent in their home program. As you continue to progress closer to your goals of better function, we may reduce your treatment frequency.

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