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Alternative Physical Therapy in Toledo and Perrysburg

I had been coming to Alternative Physical Therapy for approximately 5 weeks. Before coming to Alternative Physical Therapy I had three back surgeries and some physical therapy. I made progress up to a point.

After starting therapy at Alternative Physical Therapy my pain levels have dropped quite a bit and my flexibility has increased. I am also gaining strength back in my legs. I am looking forward to continued improvement. ... Len

As a therapist, I wanted someone experienced in cranial sacral techniques to work on my child after delivery. Lisa released the restriction areas, and the colic symptoms stopped...... Julie

I can believe how much better I feel after just 3 treatments on my neck and back...... Don

I had some surgery on my ankle and needed some therapy after noticing some inflammation. Alternative treated my ankle and within two treatments with exercise and yoga they increased my flexibility and reduced inflammation.They are fantastic......  Bob

Thanks for giving me all the physical therapy help. Your concerns and attitude were most appreciated...... Eleanor

You are a very good at Alternative Physical Therapy. We would like to thank you for your dedication towards David's recovery. You were very helpful to us in the knowledge you gave us to better help David. Thank you for your support.....Hartz family

Thank you for all the years of amazing care! You are a group of truly amazing women! My life is so much improved having come into your practice......Michelle