Alternative Physical Therapy
2526 N. Reynolds Rd. Toledo, OH  43615   
28442 East River Rd. Suite 103  Perrysburg, OH  43551

PH. 419-578-HELP (4357) FAX 419-578-6918

We have one to one care with adults.

Our "new" Perrysburg location offers tranquil treatment rooms. 

  • A healing, comfortable center where you can relax and repair.
  • Consistent staff you'll come to trust and with whom you can share.
  • One to one compassionate care.
  • We encourage self-growth and self-responsibility for each and every patient / client.
  • Traditional physical therapy is combined with a holistic approach.
  • Wellness and health are encouraged both during and after your physical therapy treatments.
    • Maintenance, personal fitness training and hands on therapies are available on a  private pay basis.
  • A team of practitioners are available to work with you and your physician for optimal outcomes.

We have one to one care with elderly.

We have one to one care with infants and children

One to One Care  

Our experienced staff at Alternative Physical Therapy will help patients feel comfortable and welcome.

We help with create positive outcomes.

What makes us Alternative 

Alternative Physical Therapy in Toledo and Perrysburg

Alternative Physical Therapy takes pride in treating infants to adults with great success. Our staff has often witnessed quick results through our whole body approach and combined methods for treatment. We provide a mini assessment before each treatment. This assessment helps analyze the immediate concerns, maximizing the benefits and progress from each and every session. Keeping your health care costs in check.

​We believe that during rehabilitation, the patient should have many options available for healing. The Center for Alternative Physical Therapy staff utilzies advanced methods in addition to traditional techniques. We provide hands on manual alignment and Holistic services to give our patients options. Furthermore, we are trained in Myofascial, joint and visceral mobilizations, lymph, and CranioSacral release techniques. We have massage therapy, yoga, Pilates and an acupuncturist that can assist in the healing process on a referral basis.  

In conclusion, we are committed to offer our patients a premium value for our professional services at a reasonable cost. We have many years of training and experience with multiple testimonials that show positive results.