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Alternative Physical Therapy in Toledo and Perrysburg

Past Events

November  2015

Topic: Organic Facial Rejuvenation - Choices made now may prevent future woes (full demonstration provided)

Speaker: Esthetician and Nurse Linda Haenlin - Au Natural Aesthetics by Linda. 419-517-4500 email

December 2015

Topic: A Message Therapist's International perspective of healers and bodyworkers - Egypt / Peru / Thailand

Speaker: Pam Rezk, LMT   419-578-4357

January  2016

Topic: Review of 2015 events and preview of 2016.

Speaker: Sue Lovett - Astrologer  419-474-6399


February 9th, 2016

Topic: Role of Visceral Mobilizations - Possible signs & symptoms of a restricted organ.

Speaker: Lisa Kelly, PT, Owner at Alternative Physical Therapy    419-578-4357

March 8th, 2016
Topic: Healthy Happy Cooking Tips to Kickoff Spring.
Speaker: Sandy Earl - Holistic Lifestyle coach - Metabolic Typing Advisor and Yoga Instructor.  419-351-7409

April 11th, 2016

Topic: Mediation in Multiple Forms - How to use it in your busy schedule.

Speaker: Karen Kiemnec, Accredited Journey Practitioner   419-345-3986

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